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ZigZagZigZag van Inne Goris na de prèmiere op tour in Manchester.
Van 13 tem 21 juli in de Manchester Town Hall en daarna op tour in scholen in Manchester.
> Meer info over het Manchester International Festival en ZigZagZigZag:
“A beautiful story about adventurous friendship, unfortunate circumstances and the pain of letting go.
Inspired by David Grossman’s much-loved story The ZigZag Kid, Inne Goris’ production beautifully recaptures the increasingly lost art of storytelling.
ZigZag ZigZag is a coming-of-age story that explores the friendship of 12-year-old boys Nono and Chaim through their magical adventures. Find yourself in the heart of the action as they find out what it truly means to grow up and see their lives change forever.”