Sara Vertongen & Het nieuwstedelijk’s open-air performance BLIK was conceived as a city walk through Leuven city centre.
The occasion was the New Horizons – Dieric Bouts Festival Leuven. Just as Dirk Bouts explored the possibilities of realism and depicting the real world to make the spectator empathise with the message of the image, Het Nieuwstedelijk wanted to make the participants of the city walk question their own gaze by letting them literally experience someone else’s perspective. The way someone perceives a situation, experiences a space and dares to move or show themselves is coloured by previous experiences. Everyone is trapped in their own truth but once you have seen something different, it cannot be ‘unseen’.


Premiere on September 2024 in Leuven



with and by
Sara Vertongen
Rashif El Kaoui
Lore Verhoeven
Zakaria Ridouani
Jade Gevaerts
Anissa Zahi
and with
Lien Joosten
Karlijn Niesten
Sidney Van Genechten
Tibbe Walckiers
Joram Haesebeyt
Staf Bertheloot
Eva Rys
Mirthe Duquesnoy
Els Theunis
Daan Tytgat
Rany Hungenaert
Ellen Haesevoets
Amber van Hemelrijk
thanks to
Leuven Leisure
Atelier stadhuis
Eric Min