An apparently endless chain of murders and blood feuds: this is the plot of the Oresteia. Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigeneia, his wife Clytaemnestra murders him but is in turn murdered by their own son. Aeschylus’ tragedy is considered the foundation myth of Western civilization, in which the principles of blood feuds and ‘an eye for an eye’ were replaced with jurisprudence, integration and reconciliation.


In Orestes in Mosul, Milo Rau combines the tragedy of tragedies with contemporary political conflicts. With an international ensemble of Iraqi and European actors he presents an Oresteia for our time. The central question is: how will the chain of violence between the parties in the Syrian-Iraqi civil war and their international allies ever come to an end? Milo Rau imbues the tragedy with its ancient grandeur, but simultaneously connects it with topical questions. What might the Oresteia – rehearsed and performed in Western Europe and Mosul – mean today?


Première on 17 April 2019 at NTGent (Ghent)

On tour until 26 januari 2020



Susana AbdulMajid
Duraid Abbas Ghaieb
Johan Leysen
Bert Luppes
Elsie de Brauw
Marijke Pinoy
Risto Kübar
Writing & Direction
Milo Rau
Stefan Bläske
Costume Design 
An De Mol
Lighting Design
Dennis Diels
Production Film & Camera
Moritz von Dungern
Daniel Demoustier
Montage Film
Joris Vertenten
Sound Design
Saskia Venegas Aernouts
Actors video
Khitam Idress
Baraa Ali
Khalid Rawi
Choir video
Rayan Shihab Ahmed
Mohamed Saalim
Abdallah Nawfal
Hatal Al-Hianey
Younis Anad Gabori
Mustafa Dargham
Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Hussein
Hassan Taha
Assistant Director
Katelijne Laevens
Production Management
Noemi Suarez Sanchez
Tour Management
Elli De Meyer
Stage Management
Marijn Vlaeminck
Sound Management
Dimitri Devos
Video Management
Stijn Pauwels
Light Design & Management
Dennis Diels
Geert De Rodder
Stage Techncian
Jeroen Vanhoutte
Micheline D’Hertoge
Nancy Colman
Intern Dramaturgy
Eline Banken
Liam Rees
Intern Assistant Director
Bo Alfaro Decreton
Eline Banken
Katelijne Laevens
Noemi Suarez Sanchez
Schauspielhaus Bochum
Tandem Scène Nationale
The Belgian Tax Shelter
Romaeuropa Festival